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Address: Poltava, UA,
6, Kuybisheva str.

(Opposite to a puppet theatre)


Successful experience of outsourcing since 2006.

Outsourcing is avaliable for all services we provide (PHP, Delphi programming; Website creation; Website, interior design; HTML+CSS semantic coding; Flash+ActionScript development; Website creation).

You can choose type of collaboration:


We provides Search Engines Optimization of a good quolity.

Purchase your phrase!

Usual approach to work:

you tell us
  1. your website URL
  2. distribution regions
  3. phrase that you want to be on first page of search engine"s result (usually Google only but you can list desired search engines). Then we do research for it and reply you our estimates for terms and money to achieve result.

Then you need just to approve you order.


  1. you had sent us email:
    distribution: Moscow, Russia
    phrases "автокосметика, автохимия"; "автомойка, полировка".
  2. We replied: possible to ahieve in 3 monthes for $450 each. Then yet another 9 monthes of support required to strengthen your position, $150 each. Total: $2700.
  3. If you accept our proposal, here is nothing else to worry except to pay. If we can"t show you declared result in declared terms, 25% money back guaranteed (another 75% is payment for really hard job that our specialists had done trying to get result).

Let us to make website for you.

We create websites since 2002. Our goal is to be always good.

Terms: you pay $100 and send us requirements for website. We make design, if you dislike it -- 2 (two) another designs. If you dislike all designs, contract is terminated and you will not get your money ($100) back. If you had choosen design, we create website in 3 weeks. Then you"ll pay all the sum that website costs (usually $700) with your VISA, MasterCard, WireTransfer or WebMoney.

Take a look of our portfolio. Or purchase website with right now.

Unique design.

Also you can purchase design only. We do really good design for web-sites, Flash-movies, printing.

Printing mock-ups.

AI, CRT or PSD design for your printing productions. Corporate style design, billboards (3m*6m), flyers, A1...A4 leaflets, visit-cards, packaging. We do design as cheap as $10 hourly (project-based fixed prices for every production).

3D modeling.

You can purchase model, interior design or your beloved hero to be created in 3D.

We offer:

Design+html of web-site main page.
Purchase unique design for your website. You will get PSD/PNG…
Monthly based, for 1 PHP developer.

Monthly payed outsourcing. This service consists 160 hours of PHP…

Hourly rated, for 1 PHP developer.

Outsource 1 PHP developer per hour.

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